19th Annual Lake Chaparral 

Parade of Garage Sales

JUNE 4th, 2016... 

was a GREAT success with 100+ registered homes!!! 


Come shop at the best Calgary community garage sale!



To view the 2017 Parade of Garage Sales MAP come back in June 2017!


A few helpful tips for a successful garage sale:


  • Avid garage sale shoppers and dealers will show up very early the morning of the sale. It's your choice whether you want to accommodate them or not!
  • Have plenty of change (at least a $20.00 float) in a cash box KEPT IN A PROTECTED SPOT 
  • Have plenty of plastic bags, boxes and newspaper for wrapping breakable items
  • A bit of organization will make for a successful sale and a very enjoyable day; take time to find what you no longer need
  • DON'T OVER-PRICE!  People are looking for bargains, so if you ask too much, you'll just wind up packing it up again at the end of the day and taking it back in to your house
  • Clean/polish things up a bit - make your wares look as appealing as possible
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!